Our Services

At OzPlan, we offer a wide range of financial planning services, designed to help you achieve your unique financial goals. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised, strategic guidance to meet your specific needs. 

Our expert services are the initial step on your journey towards achieving financial security. 

Financial Advice & Planning

Our approach involves providing personalised financial planning and advice that encompasses all aspects of your financial situation tailored to meet your specific needs. Using cashflow projections we can ensure you remain on track to meet your goals.

Aged Care Advice

The Aged Care system is complicated, expensive and can be overwhelming. We will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your options, looking at the impact on pension income, assets and how long funds will last. We can be your nominee for Services Australia and handle the lodgement and follow up of paperwork on your behalf. 

Retirement Planning

Our focus is on helping everyday families achieve their ideal retirement. We ensure that your finances are on track and develop a comprehensive plan to guide you towards your retirement goals.

Superannuation Advice

Compare your existing superannuation fund with others in the market to identify whether it still meets your objectives We identify the most suitable superannuation products which are suitable to your personal situation.

Investment Advice

Determining the most suitable investment option for your circumstances is a key aspect of our services. We identify the most suitable investment products which are fitting to your unique financial situation, for instance if you were to receive an inheritance.

Estate Planning

As part of the review of your overall financial position, we will look at the structure of your investments to identify strategies to optimise your estate for future beneficiaries.

Divorce and Separation

During divorce or family breakdown, we offer expert guidance, support and education to alleviate stress. We create personalised financial plans to demonstrate long-term security, helping clients navigate this challenging time.

Insurance Advice

Identifying what is needed to protect you, your family and assets from the impact of “life changes” such as loss of income, serious illness and death. 

Services Australia assistance

We can help with completing and lodging paperwork on your behalf. Acting as your nominee we are able to update Services Australia to ensure that you receive the correct entitlements.

Why choose OzPlan Financial Services?

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OzPlan was founded in 1999 and is privately owned and operated. We are not part of a franchise or a large corporate entity. 

Our primary commitment is to our clients, and we are not linked to financial institutions whose products we might suggest. This means that you can trust us to deliver unbiased, expert financial guidance that is specifically tailored to meet your personal circumstances.